Friday, June 11, 2010

Nothing like home made beef stock

Bought a HUMONGOUS stock pot and made beef stock to freeze and do demi glaces and general cooking. I also went to Whole Foods and got coconut milk based ice cream, sangria sorbet, polenta, agave nectar and some other nice things :) I like Whole Foods better than Trader Joe's, but nothing like the farmer markets. The Agave nectar is interesting, with texture like honey but smoother, really sweet. I have to see how it behaves baking. Shall I got crazy or shall I read and learn from others mistakes ? :D

At last I got my semolina flour and perhaps this weekend I am going to make a batch of pasta. I have some nice mushrooms pate and I think it would be a great stuffing for my raviolis. I will don my alchemist hat and try several spices and herbs on the pate, to see what kicks the magic.